04 November 2016



Alongside the temporary exhibition with the title


the Regional Museum Maribor

invites you to take part in the eponymous international symposium.

The project MUSEOEUROPE had been conceived in the year of 2012 within the framework of the project MARIBOR 2012 – EUROPEAN CAPITOL OF CULTURE. In the year 2014 we have carried out a symposium on the topic of The Applicability of the Wooden Wheel; the central topic of the symposium in the year 2015 was The Meeting of Two Worlds, and the principal topic in the year 2016 was Europe in the Time of Franz Liszt.

In the year 2017, the central focus will be put on the kitchen, food, and nutrition.

We are expecting that the papers, which are to be presented at the symposium, will address the technological development of the kitchen, for which it seems that it has lost its primordial connection to the fireplace and is becoming the ultimate laboratory of the food industry within sophisticated design solutions. We wish to raise the debate about food in the sense of aesthetical examination, the influence of worldviews and lifestyles on the selection of nutrition, and also the increased awareness concerned with the importance of its local production. While the television programmes are filled with cooking contents, we witness a rise of eating disorders among young people. Why does every celebrity feel the urge to demonstrate hers/his cooking skills? Is it possible to come to fame through the stomachs of people? To what extent is cooking the preserve of modern-day women, men, and children? Is the KITCHEN DEBATE between Nixon and Khrushchev that took place in the year 1959 once more becoming topical? 

The papers will be divided into the following five sets of topics:

1. Set of topics: From the Fireplace to the Food Industry;

2. Set of topics: The Kitchen, a Space of Innovations;

3. Set of topics: Food Between Need, Pleasure, and Addiction;

4. Set of topics: Kitchen and Food within Art, Culture, and Politics;

5. Set of topics: Kitchen and Food within Museum Exhibitions and Pedagogical Programmes.

We invite archaeologists, ethnologists, historians, art historians, architects, designers, sociologists, museologists, food technologists, psychologists, doctors and etc. to take part.

The symposium will take place in the middle of October 2017 at the Knight's Hall of the Maribor castle. The papers are to be written in English; they will be published in an electronic collective volume. The closing date for the submission of the preliminary titles and the summaries (up to 800 characters including spacing) is the 4th of November 2016. You will receive the admission notice to confirm your admission for attending the symposium until the 18th of November 2016.

The admitted authors are to send their papers to the following email address: museoeurope@maribor.si until the 7th of April 2017. The organiser of the symposium will provide the proofreading of the papers as well as the translation of the summaries into Slovene language. The official languages for the presentations of the papers at the symposium are Slovene or English. The participating lecturers are requested to limit the time of their paper presentations to 15–20 minutes.

Additional information can be acquired at the following email address: museoeurope@maribor.si or the telephone number: +386 (0)2 228 35 51

With kind regards from the Regional Museum Maribor!

Mirjana Koren, Director

Maribor, 10th of October 2016